Aquarius Man

Aquarius Man Love Match

An Aquarius man can be easy to seduce as they are often fascinated and intrigued by the opposite sex. Aquarius men want to understand and figure out women and will make it their mission to really get to know the real you.

Aquarius men are usually very charming and charismatic and with an extremely friendly manner and can be utterly irresistible.

Aquarius man can be quite adventurous and love nothing more than embarking on something new and exciting. You can seduce him by offering him surprise and unusual gifts or dates. 

The top tip to seduce an Aquarius male is to intrigue him and keep him guessing. Don’t reveal too much to him too soon. Have a sense of mystery and secrecy about you.
Take a look at the love match compatibility for each of the Zodiac signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Aries Woman

Teaming together an Aquarius man with an Aries woman can make a great love match. As a woman from the Element of Fire and also a Cardinal sign you are not afraid to initiate action and take control of a situation. Your passionate nature combined with boundless enthusiasm makes you very attractive to most men, with Aquarius men being no exception.

Taurus Woman 

The compatibility of Aquarius and Taurus is a positive love match. With the pair of you being Fixed signs in astrology it means that loyalty and faithfulness are very important to you. This is of course the very best basis for a long lasting and loving relationship. Try to keep things fresh and alive and offer him adventure and he’ll love you for it.

Gemini Woman

Matching an Aquarius man with a Gemini woman can make for an amazing relationship. You should find it very easy to seduce him. As you both come under Element of Air you are both very accepting and understanding. This enables you to focus on the good things in a relationship rather than concentrating on fault finding. Together you make a great team.

Cancer Woman

The attraction of an Aquarius man to a Cancer woman is usually very strong. As a woman from the Element of Water and also a Cardinal sign you prefer to use your strong intuition to guide you in making choices in affairs of the heart. You can be very creative and imaginative when attempting to seduce a man you admire and use all your feminine attributes to their best advantage. This will intrigue and fascinate him.

Leo Woman

Teaming together an Aquarius male with a Leo female is almost perfect. Because you are complete opposites in the Zodiac you are very likely to be hypnotically drawn to one another and be very compatible. The very fact that you have little in common with each other will pull you both together. The opposites attract factor can be very strong. You complement each other and can complete one another. You don’t need to push this relationship as you will be pulled together magnetically.

Virgo Woman

An Aquarius man with a Virgo woman can be a challenging one. However as a woman from the Element of Earth and also a Mutable sign your ability to be adaptable and flexible whist keeping grounded and real is very attractive. You are happy to work really hard to make a relationship work and are able to adjust well with most circumstances.

Libra Woman

An Aquarius man with a Libra woman can be very compatible. Both of you are from the Element of Air and share a need for independence and freedom. This need not pull you apart as you both can relate to and respect this desire and allow time and space within the relationship.

Scorpio Woman

The love match between an Aquarius male and a Scorpio female is not without its problems. However as you are both Fixed signs it means you very unlikely to be distracted by other people. You can be certain that you will only have eyes for each and have the strength and determination to make a relationship successful.

Sagittarius Woman

Matching an Aquarius man with a Sagittarius woman can be almost perfect. As a woman from the Element of Fire and also a Mutable sign you like to act on instinct and arr spontaneous and direct. You are honest to a fault and any man you admire will know, without doubt of your strength of feeling for him. Your enthusiasm and passion shines through and is very appealing. An Aquarius man will love this about you.

Capricorn Woman

The love compatibility between Aquarius and Capricorn is not without its ups and downs. But as a woman from the Element of Earth and also a Cardinal sign you are a determined character and don’t like to take no for an answer. When you place your focus on a man you admire you use all your inner strength and allure to seduce him.

Aquarius Woman

An Aquarius man with an Aquarius woman can be wonderful. As you both were born under the same Zodiacal sign you obviously share very similar traits and can find it easy to seduce each other. The two of you are both from the Element of Air which means that good effective communication comes easily to you. You are able to express and articulate thoughts, feelings and ideas in imaginative ways. And good communication is vitally important in any relationship.

Pisces Woman

The love match between Aquarius man and a Pisces woman can be very fulfilling. You both share a love of romance, mystery and intrigue. And as a woman from the Element of Water and also a Mutable sign you can adapt easily to partner most any man from any Zodiac sign. Your flexible approach coupled with your strong intuition makes you able to act, react and interact with any personality type.