Gemini 2014 Predictions

Here are the month by month Gemini 2014 predictions for Gemini in 2014.

January - Gemini 2014

For January the Gemini 2014 predictions illustrate that you could be inundated with new ideas and inspirations. And this is the time to really embrace them and convert ideas into reality.  Any former plans you’ve been putting off can now be put into action. Breaking free and casting off the constraints placed upon you by limited finances will also be a great relief.  Let the newness of the New Year inspire you to start anew!

February - Gemini 2014

For February the Gemini 2014 predictions show that you will making great strides to overcome obstacles that have hindered you in the past. Careful budgeting and an increase in your productivity and creativity will allow you a new found freedom and confidence. With this you will be able to really stretch yourself and fulfil your potential. So reach for the stars this month and show them what you’re really made of.

March - Gemini 2014

The Gemini star sign horoscope for March explains that important choices and decisions may need to be made in regard to your personal life. Putting your work life before your loved ones is of course a recipe for disaster.  Put in 100% effort and determination into your relationships with others as partnerships and cooperation will be vital to your future success and happiness.  So make the time this month for those you love.

April - Gemini 2014

The astrology Zodiac horoscope for April details that you’ll be entering a free and easy month. Things will seem less stressful and hectic and everything will be going your way. Take advantage of this happy go lucky period and plan some fun. If you have cause for celebration this month, make sure you make it memorable by popping some champagne corks.  

May - Gemini 2014

The astrology Zodiac horoscope for May shows that you’ll be thinking of making slight changes in direction to increase your career prospects and choices. If you feel you’ve been running on a treadmill, now is the time to find ways to work in more effective and productive ways. If you have bright ideas, keep them close to your chest for now, as jealous rivals may want to steal your thunder.

June - Gemini 2014

The astrology Zodiac horoscope for August shows that you will be progressing into a period where you feel more settled and secure than in recent years. If you are in a loving relationship any doubts or misgivings you have will melt away as you move forward to form a stronger and deeper bond. Minor differences and points of view should be put to one side and the things you have in common should be celebrated by you both. 

If you are single and looking for love then try not to become too frustrated with the lack of suitable partners as this can change in an instant.  

July - Gemini 2014

For July the Gemini 2014 predictions show that what-goes-around-comes-around, so build up your Karma by devoting some time and energy to those less fortunate. Community charities and voluntary working will benefit from your talents and skills. So search out ways that you can give more.

August - Gemini 2014

For August the Gemini 2014 predicts that both children and older people will have a greater impact upon you than normal. Your relationship with both younger and older people could be tested and your patience strained. Demands on your time and energy will mean putting some of your pleasurable pastimes on the back burner as duty and responsibility will take priority.

September - Gemini 2014

The Gemini star sign horoscope for September shows that now is the time to improve your résumé. You have some big decisions to make to move your career forward so taking a course or class to top up your knowledge and skills will prove to be lucrative for you.

October - Gemini 2014

The astrology Zodiac predictions for October detail that your spirits should be lifted as you receive word on a competition win, windfall or unexpected money coming your way. With luck, it will be enough for you to share.

Another piece of good luck will come in the form of a chance meeting with someone from your past. What they do and say will be a pleasant surprise.

November - Gemini 2014

You may feel as though you are floating on a cloud as your dreamy aspirations will be up in the air. Your fantasies can come true if you come down to earth and work on an action plan. If you need help with this then lean on a good friend. Together you can work out ways that you can work towards fulfilling some of your dreams.   

December - Gemini 2014

The Gemini Zodiac horoscope for December shows that if you expect bonuses, commissions and incentives, then you won’t be disappointed.

Either tempers or glasses will be raised depending on how you deal with family members. Count to ten before articulating you’re true feelings and you’ll save yourself some heartache.