Leo 2014 Predictions

Here are the month by month Leo 2014 predictions for Leo in 2014.

January - Leo 2014

The astrology Zodiac horoscope for January shows that there could be a difficult start to the year with things not going as smoothly as you want. But by mid month you will be relying on the love, support and good advice from those who really care about you. They will raise your spirits and you’ll soon be your old self again ready and willing to take on any challenges thrown at you.

February - Leo 2014

For February the Leo 2014 predictions show that with your nose to the grindstone your focus for February will be firmly on getting the job done. Partnerships could be strained this month as egos clash. Avoid confrontation with others and just concentrate on your own business.

Good news about a niggling health issue should ease some of the stress and worry you’ve been under. Take time to celebrate.

March - Leo 2014

The Leo star sign horoscope for March explains that your confidence should be soaring high this month as you receive compliments and commendations from respected and influential people. Pat yourself on the back and pay the good energy forward by doing a good turn for someone less fortunate.

April - Leo 2014

The astrology Zodiac horoscope for April details that you may sense frustration as a series of minor setbacks and stumbling blocks seem to stop you getting to where you need to be. You won’t seem to have the energy, will or motivation to fight against it. So take a breath and be patient as this time will pass.

May - Leo 2014

For May the Leo 2014 predictions illustrates a fortunate and happy month in which you should accomplish a great deal, but only if you are prepared to listen and accept the contributions from others. Your own individual style and your flair for the dramatic should shine through perhaps in redecorating or redefining your own unique creativity.

June - Leo 2014

The Leo star sign horoscope for June predicts that this is the month in which you may see changes in yourself and others. You may be tested and find you have unexpected qualities you didn’t realise you had. The virtues of patience, restraint and courage will be called upon from deep within you to help you deal with circumstances.

July - Leo 2014

For July the Leo 2014 predictions show connections made this month will have power, strength and an enduring quality. Partnerships of either a professional or personal nature will become stronger and lead to a more secure and stable future.

August - Leo 2014

The astrology Zodiac horoscope for August illustrates that you should be open and receptive to new ideas that may come to you from unusual sources. The ideas may at first seem uninspiring but with your unique individual twist injected into them, who knows where it could lead. Be motivated, be passionate and most of all be enthusiastic.

September - Leo 2014

The Leo star sign horoscope for September shows that you should try not to lose your temper, even if others are being entirely unreasonable and difficult. Instead focus on what you can control and work towards producing the best work you can generate. Rewards will come your way in the form of praise and recognition from someone you respect and admire.

October - Leo 2014

The astrology Zodiac predictions for October detail that you may have to be more self disciplined than you’d like in order to reach some deadlines and commitments you’ve been set. Money constraints may also be dampening your spirits. This may seem like a tough month for you but with your bright spirit shining brightly you will get through it.

November - Leo 2014

For November the Leo 2014 predictions show that someone from your past may make a reappearance and stir up some unresolved feelings. You might need to face up to and confront some unanswered questions about your emotions relating to a past hurt. But with the benefit of hindsight and a more mature and positive outlook you’ll be able to get past any difficulties.

December - Leo 2014

The Leo Zodiac horoscope for December show that family ties will pull strongly this month and duty and responsibility calls you to do the right thing. There could be some good news coming your way relating to money matters. Competition wins, windfalls or investments paying off are likely to ease the holiday season spending.