Scorpio 2014 Predictions

Here are the month by month Scorpio 2014 predictions for Scorpio in 2014.

January - Scorpio 2014

For January the Scorpio 2014 predictions illustrate that there could be unexpected and unusual events punctuating your year and commencing in January. You’ll be hearing good news that might excite you and force you to alter some of your plans.

Be open to the changes that January will bring and you’ll be in a good place to embrace the further changes and challenges the year will bring.

February - Scorpio 2014

For February the Scorpio 2014 predictions show that you may enter a time of shaky instability and insecurity, particularly in terms of your relationships, but you do have the wherewithal to overcome this. 

Get through this time by communicating clearly what you want, so there will be no ambiguous mixed messages. Clear talking is the key to happier times.

March - Scorpio 2014

The Scorpio star sign horoscope for March explains that you may experience a lucky break with money matters, which could mean a pay raise, a promotion or a competition or lottery win. Enjoy the gains you make but remember to share your good fortune with others, which will increase your positive energy and help draw even more good luck towards you.

April - Scorpio 2014

The astrology Zodiac horoscope for April details that you may be feeling the need to travel and explore. Planning a holiday or vacation in unusual and unexpected places might become irresistible, especially if you share your experiences with someone very special.   Be creative in your thinking and planning and you can make it a reality.

May - Scorpio 2014

The astrology Zodiac horoscope for May shows that you may be let down by someone. Their actions and the consequences may dishearten you and make you doubt your judgement but you cannot take responsibility for what others do. Try to be patient as they work their way through their problems and with luck they can regain your trust in the future. 

June - Scorpio 2014

For June the Scorpio 2014 predicts that good luck - whether in terms of for love, money or a dream coming true is within your grasp. You’ll need to take some affirmative action to ensure the luck doesn’t drizzle away. Seize the day!

July - Scorpio 2014

For July the Scorpio 2014 predictions show this is both a landmark month for both beginnings and endings. You may find yourself saying goodbye to someone or something that you once treasured, but no longer do.

You’ll also be embracing and welcoming something or someone new into your life. This balance of ending and beginning will be easier for you if you accept that as one door closes another one opens.

August - Scorpio 2014

The astrology Zodiac horoscope for August shows that your desire for something new, interesting and adventurous will materialise if you keep your eyes open for opportunities. Make sure you look your very best and this should make you feel good, raise your confidence and allow you to shine and sparkle to others. This is very attracting and appealing. 

September - Scorpio 2014

The Scorpio star sign horoscope for September shows that if you’ve been careful and managed your budget well, you could find some spare cash available. Rather than spending it wisely on something useful and functional, why not splash out on something extravagant? The very act of indulging and splurging on something that gives you great pleasure will be worth it.

October - Scorpio 2014

The astrology Zodiac predictions for October detail that a sense of loyalty to others may prevent you from doing what you know is right. Don’t allow others to sway you in your convictions. Honesty is always the best policy.  If they do not understand this then this is their problem and not yours.

November - Scorpio 2014

The Scorpio star sign horoscope for November shows over expectation and heavy demands from a partner may cause rifts as you will feel increasingly unable to meet their needs and wants. Discussions about what realistically you can give in terms of time, energy and emotional support will need to be made if this relationship is to progress.

If you are single and you’ve dabbled in distant or online relationships and dating sites, then meeting up in person could give you some unexpected surprises. 

December - Scorpio 2014

The Scorpio Zodiac horoscope for December shows that you should use your imagination and creative energy to the fullest this month. Planning and organising something special should keep you occupied and allow you to express your talents fully.