Taurus 2014 Predictions

Here are the month by month Taurus 2014 predictions for Taurus in 2014

January - Taurus 2014

For January the Taurus 2014 predictions illustrate that if you’re not careful your personal life may be overshadowed by your professional life. So although work is important, ensure you take time away to concentrate on yourself and your loved ones.

February - Taurus 2014

For February the Taurus 2014 predictions show that voicing your opinions and getting your message across will be important if you want to progress further whether in your professional or personal life. Be assertive but not aggressive to ensure you get what you want. Negotiate the very best circumstances for yourself.

March - Taurus 2014

The Taurus star sign horoscope for March explains that surprises and unexpected events may cause you to alter your arrangements. You may need to postpone and rearrange travel plans to accommodate others. Open your home and your heart and prepare to be the perfect host.

April - Taurus 2014

The astrology Zodiac horoscope for April details that you may feel a strong desire to rearrange your world and how you want to live your life. Positive energy is very strong right now, so use your desires to motivate and inspire you to find the freedom and independence you want without financial constraints.

May - Taurus 2014

The astrology Zodiac horoscope for May shows if you are in a relationship and the magic is fading; inject some fiery passion by instigating some new and exciting experiences. Establish or re-start date nights and find unusual places to visit together as well as revisiting old romantic haunts.

If you are single and looking for love this is a great time to meet up with someone special.

June - Taurus 2014

For June the Taurus 2014 predicts that you may need to rally round someone who is dealing with a personal crisis. Your emotional or practical support will be needed. Helping others is often draining especially when high emotions are involved, so try to ensure you are as fit and healthy as you can be, so that you can physically cope with the extra pressure.

July - Taurus 2014

For July the Taurus 2014 predictions show that there are two types of people in this world, those that enjoy life and those that endure it. Make sure you are in the former group. You cannot go back in time but you can regain some of the youthful and fun times of the past by reconnecting with old friends.

August - Taurus 2014

The astrology Zodiac horoscope for August shows that your creative energy will be high and people will recognise this. You maybe asked to team up with someone and collaborate on a creative endeavour. You’d be foolish to refuse, as this will allow you to shine and show just how talented you are.

September - Taurus 2014

The Taurus star sign horoscope for September shows that creating new associations and contacts with unexpected people will allow your ambitions to find new impetus. If you attend meetings, conferences, training courses or other job related events, then make sure you take the details of those influential people you meet. You may need influence in the very near future.

October - Taurus 2014

The astrology Zodiac predictions for October detail that a troubling relationship issue will reach its conclusion once and for all. Now, you can breathe a sigh of relief and get on with your life. Take this time to socialise and mix and mingle with new people.

November - Taurus 2014

The Taurus star sign horoscope for November shows that options and opportunities for expanding your horizons will be offered to you. Increasing your knowledge, learning and education will be a feature for you. You may not get a second chance so choosing and accepting something different and unusual may be crucial.

December - Taurus 2014

The Taurus Zodiac horoscope for December show that luck should be on your side this month. Making deals, bargain hunting and luck with games of chance should be high, so have a flutter. Indulge and treat yourself to some luxury and live the high life –even for a little while.