Virgo 2014 Predictions

Here are the month by month Virgo 2014 predictions for Virgo in 2014.

January - Virgo 2014

For January the Virgo 2014 predictions illustrate that you should be eager and excited as the New Year commences. Along with your resolutions you should be thinking long and hard about your true calling and where your real passions lie. Taking some risks and accepting unusual challenges and opportunities will propel you to new heights.  

February - Virgo 2014

For February the Virgo 2014 predictions show that your energy levels may be lower than normal and because of this your immune system may be vulnerable. Do everything you can to prevent niggling ailments from taking hold. Look to alternative and holistic therapies to help prevent and heal minor ailments.

March - Virgo 2014

The Virgo star sign horoscope for March explains that It may go against your nature, but risk taking and considering unusual options concerning your career path should be on your mind. This is especially pertinent if you feel you are just treading water and are in a rut. Spark up your career prospects by adding to your skills by looking at classes or courses.  

April - Virgo 2014

The astrology Zodiac horoscope for April details that there may be challenges this month, but nothing you cannot overcome. Pressures and stress brought to you by extended family members could well be the root of the problem. Do all you can to help but don’t let the pressure threaten your health and well being and certainly not your financial stability. Making loans, giving handouts or footing bills will not be in your best interests.

May - Virgo 2014

The astrology Zodiac horoscope for May shows dotting all the ‘I’s’ and crossing all the ‘T’s’ will be even more important this month, than is normal. Check and double check any paperwork and documents. Even texts and emails need extra care and attention to avoid making costly mistakes.

June - Virgo 2014

For June the Virgo 2014 predicts that you will need to tread carefully around rivals or competitors. Keep your bright ideas, your well thought out plans and your promising proposals close to your chest. When the time is right and you will know exactly when, reveal all and await praise, recognition and accolades. Be confident in your talents and abilities and this will shine through to others.

July - Virgo 2014

For July the Virgo 2014 predictions show that you may feel that improvements are called for. This could be in terms of your home, your wardrobe or your health and fitness. You’ll have enough energy to commence your transformations but make sure you can see them through to the end. Taking on too much, all at once won’t give you the results you expect.

August - Virgo 2014

The astrology Zodiac horoscope for August shows that travel will be on your mind. If taking a holiday or vacation try to really enjoy it by relaxing and not doing too much of anything. If travel is part of your work life, then ensure your transport is in the best shape. Minor needed repairs can build to major problems if left undone.

September - Virgo 2014

The Virgo star sign horoscope for September shows that your influence, expertise or authority may be called upon to help a younger, less experienced person. If you feel you can take on a mentoring role, then do so. The rewards for giving a helping hand to someone in need are immeasurable.

October - Virgo 2014

The astrology Zodiac predictions for October detail that good news will brighten your month. This is most likely news of a birth or marriage. This joyful time needs to be shared and celebrated. Plan a gathering or party and pop some champagne corks.

November - Virgo 2014

The Virgo star sign horoscope for November show that you may not be making strides this month but you will certainly be taking small but significant steps towards reaching some of your goals and ambitions. Find ways to promote yourself and progress steadily with your plans.

December - Virgo 2014

The Virgo Zodiac horoscope for December show that loved ones will be your top priority more so than usual. Shower those you love with your time, energy, affection and love. Work and financial worries can take a back seat, this month as you realise loving and being loved is all that truly matters.